We are public relations specialists with a combined 30 years of experience, who bring together our resources and expertise to better serve our clients. Lerner & Deconinck specializes in press campaigns and marketing/outreach for the performing arts, music, visual art, literary and political events, and other cultural endeavors. Passionate about the projects we take on, we are dedicated individuals with strong accountability. In other words, we look at all possible angles of a project and leave no stone unturned.


For us, each project is unique. We have developed an eye for discerning the essence of a client’s needs, and we understand the strategic focus needed to fulfill a successful public relations campaign. Our extensive knowledge of the media, both local and global, enables us to identify the most compelling and relevant news stories and the best outlets to heighten our clients' profile and the visibility of their activities.


We create and execute effective communication strategies and timelines to maximize visibility and audience attendance. We help clients choose the best means and platforms to get their message across in an increasingly cluttered and ever changing social environment. Our services include writing and editing promotional materials, selecting ad buys,  implementing digital communications, managing community outreach for diverse audiences, and counseling on social media content and uses.